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You've Made It And You're Right On Time!

 We Couldn't Be More Happy For You To Be Here.

The Vybetribe is Meant To Be An Escape from Stress, Worries, Doubts And Fears.

A Place Of Positivity, Self Love, And Community.

So As We Begin This Incredible Journey we'd like to welcome you to the family, and remember. None of this is possible without YOU! 🌴

Who are we?

We're a singing group made up of two sets of brothers Free(red), Prez(green), Deb(yellow), and Prince(blue) and we've been singing together for 10+ years. This all started in church where we had our own groups. (it was a rivalry back then🤣) 

Thankfully our mothers saw past what we could see at the time and decided it would be a great idea for us to join together so they set up a secret rehearsal for us all to meet😖. 

It was really awkward at first for us, but once we got past our little egos we instantly clicked and from there we were inseparable.

Cute Right? 😂

Our Mission

In todays music there is a huge lack of love. especially to our women! Our goal is to let everyone but especially our women know that they are beautiful, loved, and capable!

When you buy a DAYONE VybeTribe shirt not only do you have proof that you were here from day one. But it helps build the steping stones towards getting this message across the world!

It also supports us as independent artists and helps to fund all the things we do to bring value to you, the VybeTribe!